OUR ID&E Strategic Plan

Our ID&E vision strives for an inclusive, equitable, and respectful organization where our employees positively impact and reflect the communities we serve. Our Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Strategic Framework focuses on three pillars:  Culture, People and Community.


We are committed to creating deeper employee connections through an inclusive workplace and a culture where employees are treated with respect and dignity. Visit Engaging our Workforce to learn more.


We create personal growth for our employees by attracting, developing, promoting, and retaining the best and most qualified talent. Visit our Recruiting section for more.


We engage, support, and create strategic partnerships within our communities with a shared purpose.  Visit Our Communities section to learn more.

Our 2022 Annual Performance Plan People Targets

In the first quarter of 2022, we added people-based Inclusion, Diversity and Equity goals to the Annual Performance Plan meant to increase the representation of women and ethnic and racial diversity in our workplace.

Our 2022 People-focused APP Goals

Percentage of women representation among our employees

Percentage of ethnic and racial diversity among our employees

Our Metrics
American Water three pillars of Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Strategy