Employee Engagement

Inclusion Day

This annual no-meeting day is designed for employees to come together to celebrate our Beautifully Different culture and to discuss and collaborate on how together we can create a work environment where everyone can be themselves.

weCARE Moments

Every meeting at American Water begins with a weCARE Moment, a message demonstrating our care about employees’ physical and mental safety while promoting inclusion and wellbeing. Making effective and efficient use of company time for messages of safety and inclusion, diversity and equity (ID&E) is an important way that American Water demonstrates weCARE. This is a total commitment to a safe and inclusive culture by living our values and caring for one another.

"I am very thankful and proud that American Water is providing Inclusion Day. Inclusion Day is not only a training but a celebration of our differences. We are all unique in different ways. I am very thankful and proud to be an American Water employee."
Mark Wrong
Field Service Representative, New Jersey American Water

Nikki Shah, Learning Specialist, began her career as an ID&E Intern at American Water. “During that time, I was exposed to all levels of leadership to strengthen my skills and build my network.” she says. In early 2022, Nikki was offered a role in Human Resources. “I jumped at the opportunity.” Here’s more from Nikki, in her own words…

“The culture here is amazing and a large part of why I accepted a position at American Water. What I especially appreciate is what the company is doing to go above and beyond to create spaces where employees are safe to be their true selves. The people that I have interacted with are kind and appreciative of the contributions I am making. It’s been a tremendously rewarding experience already.”